Other Workshops

Other QTrad workshops include:
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Take it to the Stage - Performance Skills Workshop

John and Nicole from Cloudstreet will guide you through the process of taking your songs out of your bedroom and onto the stage.  A great collection of performance tips and handy hints about putting together set lists, overcoming stage nerves and how to give your audience a great show.

Harmonies from Scratch

The perfect start if you’ve ever wanted to add that extra layer to a song.  Nicole and John from cloudstreet will give you the building blocks to get started on adding harmony vocals to your favourite song.

Scottish Fiddle

Emma Nixon has been recognised twice with Golden Fiddle Awards as the best fiddle teacher in Australia. Come and learn the secrets of this fabulous style of fiddle playing. (Workshops are suitable for all string players and can be offered separately for different levels of ability).

Gie It Laldie! Songs of Scotland and the Sea

Join Rebecca Wright & Donald McKay for a rousing hour of sing-along songs and shanties from Scotland and beyond. All welcome!

Sing With Your Fiddle

Emma and Nicole from The Wish List share fun ways of starting to sing with your fiddle. Bring your fiddle and join in the ensemble arranging of a song. You will be able to participate at the skill level you can manage!

It's Your Shout - Singing for Men

A workshop for men who want to sing, with John Thompson (cloudstreet, War Horse)

• Letting Your Voice Out – function and efficiency

• Let’s Make Some Noise – singing and power

• Joining Voices Together – harmonies & blending with others

Meet & Beat - A Beginners Guide to the Bodhran

Join Donald McKay for an informative and hands-on session exploring the history and basic techniques for playing this versatile celtic drum. Donald’s unique approach will provide even absolute beginners with the skills required to gently begin accompanying a range of music styles.

Folk Boot Camp

Working on the building blocks of folk music theory and practice, Emma Nixon will put you through the paces of scales, chords and musical physical fitness. This workshop is suitable for players of all instruments who want to develop their skills as well as a greater understanding of how music is constructed.  It can be run as a one-off session or be extended to a full weekend event.

I Write The Songs

Start your journey into song.  This workshop is designed to get you on the road to writing and performing your own songs, focussing on rhythm, word patterns, linking with melodies and telling your story through the magic of music.