The Secret History Show

The Secret History of Queensland is a presentation of songs and stories about Queensland history. These compelling tales of the past are delivered through music, song and stories, all illustrated by projected sand-painting.

The history of our place is carried in the personal histories of the people who live here. Using this premise, Emma Nixon and Nicole Murray began with stories gleaned from their own Queensland families, and built on these authentic experiences with research in the State Library of Queensland to construct an entertaining and educational show.

Queensland’s history is rich and varied. Every person has their own stories of connection to Queensland that weave together to form a rich cultural and historic tapestry. Exploration of stories from within Emma and Nicole’s own families have led to tales of Queensland pirates, convicts, bushrangers, immigrants, pioneers, and true experiences of living in this state of extremes.

Nicole, Emma and Rebecca present these intriguing stories with an equally fascinating instrumentation: they are highly accomplished musicians who accompany their singing with violin, viola and cello, a skill known as “fiddlesinging”.

The show can be performed as a theatre presentation or as an interactive, child-centred school performance.

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